Where can draping be added?

Draping can be added to any venue! We can use the natural structure of the venue if allowed or we can set up a pole structure that supports the draping. Some popular venues we add draping to include:


  • CMT Ranch
  • Flying Caballos Ranch
  • Greengate Ranch
  • Halter Ranch
  • Higuera Ranch
  • Loma Grande Ranch
  • MarFarm
  • Oyster Ridge
  • Santa Margarita
  • Spanish Oaks
  • Swallow Creek Ranch
  • The Loading Chute
  • The Octagon Barn
  • The White Barn


  • Cali Paso
  • Cass Winery
  • Opolo
  • Rava Wines
  • Thatcher Wines
  • Tooth and Nail winery
  • Villa San Juliet


  • Dolphin Bay
  • The Cliffs
  • Personal

Private Estates

  • La Lomita Ranch
  • Loma Maria
  • Villa Loriana
  • Willow and Oak

Halls & Ballrooms

  • Allegretto
  • Atascadero Lake Pavilion
  • Cambria Pines Lodge
  • Greengate Stables
  • Madonna Inn
  • Oak and Vine
  • Paso Robles Inn
  • The Monday Club
  • The Penny

Event Centers

  • Alex Madonna Expo Center
  • Paso Robles Event Center
  • Santa Maria Elks Lodge

How much does draping cost?

Draping can range in cost depending on the style of drape, the amount of fabric, and the complexity of the venue structure. The range can vary from $500 to $10,000+.

What are common styles of draping?

The most common styles of draping include:

  • Swags
  • Cabana’s
  • Starburst’s
  • Pillow Drapes
  • Pipe & Drape
  • Backdrops
  • Arches
Common Draping


Sheer ivory draped in tent using a starburst and cabana style drape. Draping and lighting by Draping by Kim

Cabana & Starburst

Sheer ivory draping in a pillow style in a barn. Draping by: Draping by Kim


Sheer ivory backdrop draping behind bar. Draping by: Draping by Kim


Simply elegant sheer ivory pipe and drape around the Rava Wines ballroom. Draping by: Draping by Kim and photography by Ashley Rae Studios

Pipe & Drape

What color drapes do you carry?

While drapes can be any color, we primarily carry neutral colors to fit any event. If you have a specific color in mind, we are happy to custom order it for you!


  • White
  • Ivory
  • Black
  • Rust
  • Burgundy

What is the process for ordering draping?

The first step is to complete our questionnaire. In many cases, we can formulate a proposal for you from the information gathered in the questionnaire.  If we need more details, we can give you a quick phone call. After we send you this information you can accept the proposal by signing and paying for the non-refundable payment via check or credit card. Once we receive the signed contract and initial payment you will be on our calendar and you are ready to go!

A special thanks to the photographers for providing us with images of our draping: Ashley Rae Studios, Loveridge Photography, Mooncrest Media, Nikkels Photography, Jen Rodriguez Photography, Matrimony Media, and Allyson Magda Photography


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